INCA MPC is the APC technology that allows operating companies to generate sustained benefits with high ROI and with a low Total Cost of Ownership, capable of handling applications ranging in scope from one single distillation column to a full ethylene plant.

INCA MPC in a nutshell

the INCA MPC software creates value by continuously optimizing the key process parameters online, in closed loop, keeping the plant in the most economical operating point every minute, 24/7. 

To be able to do that, the INCA MPC predicts the plant behavior, account for plant disturbances and takes all plant constraints into account. This will result in:

  • Reduced process oscillations resulting in less wear and tear of the equipment
  • Less alarms
  • Less operator interventions
  • More efficient plant operations (higher production, less specific energy consumption, better quality control,…)

INCA MPC: a suite of tools that allow the easy development and deployment of an APC application:

  • INCA Acquire: quick and easy tool to start data collection from your DCS
  • INCA Discoverymodeling package that allows you to build dynamic models based on plant data, with the ability to include a-priori knowledge about the process in the identification cases (for example: known gain ratios, known delays, etc). Visit the INCA Discovery page
  • INCA Architect: the offline configuration and simulation package for MPC and softsensor development. Have a look at the Webinar on INCA Architect or visit the INCA Architect page
  • INCA Runtime environment: the MPC controller that optimizes your plant operation on a minute-to-minute basis and the softsensor allowing to estimated product qualities like concentrations, Melt flow rate, Particle size distribution, … in real time. Visit the INCA Sensor page
  • INCA Webviewer: the web-based operator and engineer interface to the control application. Access and authorization levels are role-based and fully configurable. Visit the INCA Viewer pager

The benefits of using INCA MPC

  • Flexible licensing system (perpetual, term)
  • Proven technology used on ammonia, urea, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, CAN/NPK by e.g. Yara worldwide, Sabic, Nutrien, Fatima, Engro, Fauji, OCI Nitrogen, Igsas, …
  • Proven technology on petro-chemical processes of BASF, Dussup, Ineos Phenol, Ineos Oxide, …
  • Proven technology on cement plants as shown by our APC partner for cement: ES-Processing
  • Intuitive configuration and use
  • Integrates with most DCS and PLC systems

Visit our Youtube channel to watch our recorded Webinars.

Best practices

  • Understanding the process is key!
  • Look beyond the controllers. Look at the process, the instruments, the actuators
  • Keep it simple
  • Organise mainteance. Mainteance is the key to harvest the benefits for many years
  • Involve operators in the MPC projects
  • Update documentation

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