Power / Waste / Utilities

Control based optimization for power plants, utilities, steam boilers, heat networks and waste incinerators

The most cost effective way to improve power/utility plant operations

Power and utility plants are the backbone of our economy and process industries. Having a high availability and flexibility is key while the environmental impact is monitored more closely every day. IPCOS power solutions help to get closer to this optimum of sometimes contradictory demands.

Optimizing the controls of boiler leads typically to:

  • An Increase in Boiler Efficiency (0.5% to 1.5%) for power plant boilers and a multitude of that for utility boilers.
  • An increase of responsiveness (MW/min) by a factor 2.
  • A reduction of NOx emission by up to 10% for coal fired power plants.
  • More hands free operations for coal fired power plants.
  • A significant reduction in the amount of trips for utility boilers, due to a better mitigation of interactions between multiple boilers in a steam grid.
  • Optimal use of the existing boiler based on availability and efficiency.
  • Minimal use of letdown and venting in complex steam networks.
  • A reduction of emissions (CO, NOx, Cl,..) for waste incinerators.
  • More stable operations of incinerators given the changes in the waste composition.
  • Possibility to integrate incinerators more easy into steam, heat and district heating and cooling networks.

These benefits have been created on plants of Engie, Suez, Veolia, Indaver, EDF, KNPC, Solvay, Shanghai Power, Datang Power, EPZ,….

What defines the IPCOS Power solutions?

  • IPCOS combines in depth knowledge of all power generating processes and all aspects of process control. This results in very cost effective solutions with a high ROI.
  • IPCOS does not only the installation services but also all needed services to keep these optimization solutions running at maximum performance for many years.
  • Utility plants are often integrated in complex refining and petrochemical sites. IPCOS understands all aspects of the energy supply (boilers) and energy use (petrochemical plants) at the sites.
  • IPCOS has an extensive experience on waste incinerators and their downstream units (boilers, heating networks, Steam networks).

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