INCA Architect

INCA Architect makes it easy to go from a model of your process to a working online MPC configuration. The configuration is validated with the built-in simulation, while Architect continuously monitors all parameters for consistency. After the initial configuration, the ease of updating and comparison of configurations is invaluable in the maintenance phase of the controller.

INCA Architect: Configuration and simulation for APC

  • INCA Architect turns a model from INCA Discovery into a basic INCA MPC configuration by just importing the model
  • The communication between the MPC and the online process (DCS) is set up quickly
  • Correctness of the configuration is constantly monitored
  • Controller behavior can be inspected in the built-in simulation

INCA Architect Screen shot
INCA Architect Screen shot

INCA Architect does the laborious parts for you

  • All APC parameters are added automatically to the configuration with sensible default values
  • Variable information and transformations are carried over automatically from INCA Discovery
  • Inconsistencies in the parameter values are constantly monitored
  • Effect of changing tuning can be seen in the built-in simulation
  • Support in INCA MPC for common DCS blocks handles the interpretation of the MV status
  • Configuration of the (OPC) communication is done quickly with a few recipes generating the many links between values/parameters in the MPC and in the online process
  • User calculations let you provide the custom logic needed to handle non-standard situations
  • Comparing and merging other configurations allows you to cherry pick the changes you want while dropping the ones you do not need
  • You concentrate on the control problem, not on the software

Benefits of INCA Architect

  • INCA Architect is included with an INCA development license
  • Seamless integration with other parts of the INCA MPC Suite
  • Simulations are only a mouse click away

INCA Architect Screen shot

Best practices

  • Understanding the process is key!
  • Look beyond the controllers. Look at the process, the instruments, the actuators
  • Keep it simple
  • Organise mainteance. Mainteance is the key to harvest the benefits for many years
  • Involve operators in the MPC projects
  • Update documentation

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