Control based optimization allows cement manufacturers to achieve 5-20% higher output with less staff, lower specific electrical energy consumption/cost, and in less time. Further it allows for significantly better quality by lowering the Blaine and residue standard deviation.


INCA MPC based Cement Mill Optimizer (CMO) solution enables cement industries to fully autopilot the cement grinding process for assuring optimal manufacturing conditions. At a high level, this is achieved through INCA Sensor ‘soft sensors’ that provide near-continuous quality prediction of Blaine and residue every 30 seconds (versus the 1-2 hour lag time required for conventional manual lab testing), and then auto adjust the process Manipulated Variables every 30 seconds based on in depth process know-how and INCA MPC rather than subjective operator expertise.

Our partner in Cement optimization, ES Processing, uses INCA MPC successfully around the world to optimize cement plants. The success of the projects is a combination of the huge process know how of the ES Processing team and the INCA MPC technology from IPCOS.

Delivered Projects Performances:

  • Increasing output by 5-20%
  • Enhanced quality
  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Lower electrical/utility costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased ROI and profits

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