INCA Viewer

INCA Viewer is the HMI for all online INCA applications. Whether you are an operator entering a lab sample measurement for INCA Sensor, an engineer tuning the online INCA MPC or an administrator controlling access to the application, INCA Viewer gives you the tools you need.

INCA Viewer: Access to INCA Online Applications

  • Monitor, control, start and stop your INCA MPC and INCA Sensor
  • Runs standalone or alongside custom DCS operator screens, as you prefer
  • Compatible with recent and not-so-recent browsers

INCA Viewer screen shot
INCA Viewer screen shot

INCA Viewer puts you in control

  • Trending of relevant MPC and Sensor values
  • Operators view relevant status information and make the changes they need
  • Full access to all tuning parameters for engineer roles
  • Download full history of inputs, parameters and log messages
  • Pre-configured access rights fit many situations.
  • Flexible role-based access configuration fits the rest. Custom roles can be defined for different applications. Access rights can be restricted from applications down to individual parameters
  • Put it in your IT infrastructure where you need it: control network, DMZ or office network.

Benefits of IINCA Viewer

  • INCA Viewer is included in the INCA MPC Runtime license
  • No additional configuration needed
  • Accessible from multiple computers using standard browsers (no internet access involved!)
  • Eliminates the need for custom DCS operator screens, while working alongside them if preferred
INCA Viewer screen shot

Best practices

  • Understanding the process is key!
  • Look beyond the controllers. Look at the process, the instruments, the actuators
  • Keep it simple
  • Organise mainteance. Mainteance is the key to harvest the benefits for many years
  • Involve operators in the MPC projects
  • Update documentation

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