Gas Processing

In the Gas processing industry optimal control will result in increased throughput of gas and improved recovery of Ethane and heavier materials, resulting in improved plant profitability. The Advanced Process Control implementation is typically on the feed compressors, de-methaniser, chilldown train, propane compressor and utilities.

Implementation of APC on Gas Processing units provides excellent Return on investment

Gas Processing plants

Some typical benefits numbers:

  • Plant throughput increase by 1-2%.
  • Increase in condensate recovery by 1-2 %.
  • Reduction of C3+ slippage in offgas by 50%.
  • NGL production increase by 1-1.5%.
  • These benefits have been demonstrated to several customers such as GASCO, Aramco and many others. IPCOS normally conducts a benefit study and provide a guarantee to deliver these benefits. All the projects were completed on time, within budget and exceeded the benefits that were guaranteed
  • In addition to the financial benefits, a number of intangible benefits can be derived by implementation of APC on gas processing units. The intangible benefits are listed below:

  • Significantly improved unit stability during feed disturbances and varying ambient conditions.
  • Better control of condensate RVP at target.
  • APC on NGL recovery can automate the C2 recovery mode switching and also operate the unit closer to the C2 recovery target .
  • Operation of Amine unit will be improved and reduced incidents of process upsets such as foaming.
  • Maintaining fixed C2 recovery during diurnal and seasonal changes.
  • Less alarms (load on operators).
  • Less dependence on operator experience.

What defines the IPCOS Gas Processing APC solution?

  • Process knowledge and experience of our consultants in developing and implementing APC applications, including base layer control optimization, on Gas Processing units is our core strength.
  • Due to our vast experience across different clients, we can understand your challenges and develop APC applications that fully meet your particular requirements and business conditions. Our confidence in delivering calculated benefits is demonstrated by our willingness to guarantee benefits that have been calculated by us.
  • Training is provided to your engineers such that they can maintain the applications in future. IPCOS will also provide APC maintenance post implementation based on your requirements.
  • IPCOS also offers APC maintenance and revamp services for third party applications.

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