The guide to Advanced Process Control (APC)

Accomplish ultimate optimized plant performance with Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control (APC) is a very cost effective way to optimize your plant performance without changing the hardware. An APC application stabilizes the operation and optimizes production and/or energy consumption. As a very valuable side effect also results in a better understanding of your production process.


What is Advanced Process Control (APC)?

what is APC?

Advanced process control (APC) refers to a broad range of techniques and technologies that interact with the base layer process control systems (built up with PID controls). Some APC technologies are e.g. LQR, LQC, H_infinity, Neural, fuzzy, and MPC (Model-Based Predictive Control). From the list above MPC is the most commonly used technology in the process industry.

Learn what Advanced Process Control (APC) can do for you to accomplish the ultimate optimized plant performance.

APC example

An APC application optimizes your plant every minute, over and over again, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Follow the APC example step by step to get a better understanding of the APC basics and learn everything you need to know about APC to optimize your plant performance.

Advanced Process Control (APC) benefits

Model Predictive Control software

MPC is the most popular APC technology used in the industry. The Model Predictive Control software uses a model of the process to predict the behavior of the plant in the foreseeable future. Typically a couple of minutes to even several hours ahead. Model Predictive Control software is easy to integrate, intuitive, and will help you reach a stable production process.

INCATools MPC Discovery: A Sophisticated New Software Package for Constrained Linear Model Identification

Learn in this white paper:

  • How to effectively identify models with INCA Discovery
  • How the user can impose process knowledge prior to the Identification step
  • The workflow to be used
  • The INCA environment.


The INCA MPC software creates value by continuously optimizing the key process parameters online, in closed loop, keeping the plant in the most economical operating point every minute, 24/7.

To be able to do that, the INCA MPC predicts the plant behavior, account for plant disturbances and takes all plant constraints into account. This will result in:

  • Reduced process oscillations resulting in less wear and tear of the equipment
  • Less alarms
  • Less operator interventions
  • More efficient plant operations (higher production, less specific energy consumption, better quality control)

Do you want to learn how to achieve an optimal plant performance with APC?

Talk to one of our experts and get advice on:

  • How APC helps you to boost your plant to the ultimate performance
  • The way INCATools MPC can be integrated with your DCS
  • How we can help you to define a risk free APC investment.