Advanced Process Control and optimization solutions for (petro)chemical plants including ethylene, propylene, VCM, polymers and other bulk and speciality (petro)chemicals.

IPCOS very cost effective Petrochemical solutions with a high ROI

Most (petro)chemical processes are very energy intensive. In a very competitive market it is important to continuously operate at the most optimal working point. This point is defined by the most cost effective operation given (changing) quality constraints raw material variability, ever stricter environmental constraints, etc. This puts a high load on the operators.

IPCOS’ control based optimization solutions help our customers to meet the above requirements at a minimum cost and therefore with a high ROI. Optimizing the base layer PID controllers, and (if beneficial) adding an APC layer will keep plants at their most optimal operating point. IPCOS’ after-care programs guarantee that the benefits from our solutions are sustained for many years.

A summary of some benefits for common plants:

  • Ethylene/Propylene & EO/PO
    • Throughput increase.
    • Energy efficiency.
  • VCM
    • Increased selectivity.
    • Less energy consumption.
    • More yield.
  • Styrene
    • Optimization of the Styrene/EB distillation section (energy and quality).
  • Polymers (PE, PP, PVC, PS, …)
    • Quality control.
    • Grade change control and optimization.
  • Phenol
    • Purification (Steam savings and quality control, hands off operations).
    • Reaction (less give away, hands off operations).
  • (cyclo)hexane & Caprolactam
    • Energy efficiency of the distillation section.
    • Quality control.
    • Throughput increase.
  • Specialty chemicals

What defines the IPCOS (Petro-)chemical solutions?

  • IPCOS combines in depth knowledge of many petrochemical processes and all aspects of process control. This results in very cost effective solutions with a high ROI.
  • IPCOS does not only provide the installation services but also all needed services to keep these optimization solutions running at maximum performance for many years.
  • We doe not only deliver new APC applications but also revamp existing (third party) applications.
  • IPCOS can also help you with the base layer controls.

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