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IPCOS delivers technology independent soft sensing solutions for to our core industry customers. Soft sensors inform operators and engineers in real time what is going on in their processes. IPCOS’ soft sensing solutions are so reliable that they are used in closed loop to improve the performance of our clients assets.

Soft Sensing overcomes multiple challenges

  • Key measurements like quality, efficiency, composition are very often not available for operators in real time. Although these measurements are often the most important KPI’s of a plant they are only made available a few times per hour or much less frequent. Online analysers might be the outcome
  • Laboratory sampling and analyses are also subject to human error
  • online analysers are often very expensive and require a lot of maintenance efforts like frequent re-calibration. Reliable online analysers are not always available for every measurement like e.g. multi-phase flows in the upstream industry, color of chemical components, etc. Analysers like Gas Chromatographs have often sampling frequencies of 20 minutes or slower
  • Soft sensing, also called virtual metering or inferentials, combines de data from reliable standard sensors with the help of a model into a desired reading
  • With the use of softsensors based on good models and real time data robust “virtual sensors can be build” in a very cost effective way.

The benefits of Soft Sensing

  • Softsensors allows operators to directly see what happens in the plant
  • Softsensors are so reliable that they can be used in closed loop
  • The investment in an expensive on-line analyser can sometimes be avoided.

What defines IPCOS Soft Sensing?

  • Technology independent softsensing solutions. IPCOS delivers turnkey installations based on all common softsensing technologies on the market included in common APC packages like DMCplus, DMC3, RMPCT, Profitsuite, SMOC, PACE, Simsci APC and off course our own INCA MPC
  • In depth process know how in our core markets like gas-processing, refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers and power. Understanding the process is key when designing a softsensor
  • IPCOS does not only deliver new applications but also revamps existing (third party) applications.

Best practices

  • IPCOS starts with a detailed study of the process in order to judge the feasibility of the softsensor development.
  • We provide all the interfacing work to connect the softsensor to the DCS.
  • Focus on the training of operators and the customer engineers
  • Keep it simple!! Our engineers find an optimal balance between softsensor complexity, accuracy and reliability

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