Upstream Oil & Gas

The upstream oil and gas segment also known as the exploration and production (E&P) sector encompasses activities related to searching for, recovering and producing crude oil and natural gas.

Due to a sharp drop in crude oil price in 2016 & 2017, capital expenditures have dropped significantly and attention has shifted towards operational efficiency.

IPCOS Offering in Upstream Oil & Gas:

IPCOS is a leading Digital Oilfield integrator serving operating companies globally significantly improving Well Performance and Reservoir Management

The experience gained throughout the years allows IPCOS to support its customers in the design and implementation of Digital Oilfield Solutions. This ranges from providing advice on which tools to use, developing new types of analytics, designing full end to end Digital Oilfield Solutions to implementing and providing training on existing solutions and finally providing application support.

IPCOS has extensive experience with the configuration, deployment and utilization of the most widespread model-based solutions for Digital Oilfields. IPCOS is technology independent and specializes in customization and integration of technologies selected by our customers. Most Digital Oilfield solutions consist of a combination of modeling, data management and visualization solutions.

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