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Achieve efficiency, structure, and overview to head straight for your goal with PID tuning software

You are never truly done tuning your PID loops. You can go a long way tuning PID controllers just based on your gut feeling and experience. But if you want to discover the behavior of the loop and bring structure to your tuning process, INCATools (PID tuning software) offers you the right solution.

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Model -based PID tuning

Model-based PID tuning or optimization-based PID tuning follows a predefined workflow. You first need to decide which type of controller you want to obtain. Then you retrieve data acquired from the system. Next, you identify a model that describes the reaction of the outputs to the inputs. Finally, the PID tuning software determines the tuning parameters that meet your objectives best.

Model-based PID tuning is the only way that naturally leads to this structured and first-time-right tuning process. Heuristic and rule-based tuning will always remain iterative processes. Methods such as Ziegler-Nicols and Cohen-Coon give reasonable results in many (simple) cases, but will never be as structured as model-based tuning. When dealing with more complex loops none of the other methods above actually generates satisfactory results.

Identifying model for every loop might feel time-consuming. It may seem faster to adjust the P, I, and D manually, but you’ll benefit in the long run. You’ll only have to observe your PID loop once instead of tweaking it every single time. Model-based PID tuning is efficient because the tuning process is structured, allowing you to detect and solve issues much faster.

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Model-based tuning: the perfect fit for PID tuning software

Boost plant performance

Manual PID tuning is an art which requires experience. Even if you succeed in identifying all process models, it’s impossible to manually set them right the first time. PID tuning software adjusts to your specific DCS and loop type, so that you don’t have to depend on your own knowledge of the exact equations used by the loop.

The biggest challenge of tuning your PID controllers is choosing the balance between two important engineering objectives: performance and robustness. With PID tuning software you can specify how to make that consideration and obtain the perfect PID loop.

White Paper: Robust optimization-based multi-loop PID controller tuning models.

This paper describes a method and software tool that allows control engineers/technicians to calculate optimal PID controller settings for multi-loop process systems.

INCATools: state-of-the-art PID tuning software

Use the INCATOOLS PID Tuning software to boost plant performance

INCATools is a set of process control tools that optimize your plant operations. The software is designed to make your job easier by ensuring you can overcome your challenges, even if you don’t have the academic background or the skillset of an experienced DCS engineer. On top of overcoming more basic tuning challenges with individual PID loops, you can also tune interacting loops and use cascade control tuning.

The benefits of INCATools

Both INCATools’ packages, PID Tuner and AptiTune help you calculate the right parameters, simplify the process of control improvement of individual PID loops, and help you accomplish the best results faster.

Benefits PID tuning software:

  • Reproducibility of your actions, allowing you to make a translation between objectives and parameters.
  • A more structured and stable production process and more efficient plant operations.
  • No experience is needed, the tool will guide you through your desired controller performance.
  • Fewer process oscillations resulting in less wear and tear on equipment.
  • Fewer alarms and operator interventions.
  • Increased product quality.
Use the INCATOOLS PID Tuner software to boost plant performance
PID Tuner: SISO PID tuning tool
Use the INCATOOLS AptiTune software to boost plant performance
AptiTune: SISO and MIMO tuning tool

The Guide to PID Tuning

Learn in this ebook:

  • The explanation of optimal PID tuning
  • Finding the right parameters for the PID control loop
  • The ideal methods to apply PID tuning
  • Examples or PID tuning in practise
  • Why PID tuning is nearly impossible without PID tuning software
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